ACE – Ancient Climates on Earth



Speaker: Georg Feulner

Within this project, we are exploring a number of exciting research questions relating to the climate in earlier epochs of Earth’s history. We are particularly interested in warm greenhouse-climate states in the past and want to investigate what we can learn from Earth’s history about our future in a warming world. In addition, we are working on the climate on early Earth, Snowball Earth episodes and climate changes related to mass-extinction events. An ambitious long-term goal of ACE will be a comprehensive synthesis of the co-evolution of climate and the biosphere on very long timescales, combining detailed modelling of time slices at crucial moments in Earth’s history with conceptual models of long-term trends.


Time periods and research questions



List of ACE publications

Image credits: Archean landscape Georg Feulner; Snowball Earth: various sources on the internet, original source unknown; Devonian landscape: Richard Bizley/Science Photo Library; Carboniferous landscape: Ludek Pesek/Science Photo Library; Triassic landscape: Victor O. Leshyk; asteroid impact: Shutterstock; group of hominins: Mauricio Antón