RD4 at vEGU21


Thursday, 22.04.2021

Niklas Boers (FL Lead)
(Lewis Fry Richardson Medal Lectures & Division Outstanding ECS Award Lectures)
Critical transitions in Earth system dynamics

Monday 26.04.2021

Ann Kristin Klose (doctoral researcher)
Cascading tipping behavior of the interacting Greenland Ice Sheet and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a model of low complexity

Tuesday, 27.04.2021

Lennart Quante (doctoral researcher)
Intensification of extreme snowfall under future warming

Keno Riechers (doctoral researcher)
Glaciation cycle models and their pullback attractors

Jens Fohlmeister et al.
Global reorganization of atmospheric circulation during Dansgaard-Oschger cycles

Eirik Myrvoll-Nilsen (Postdoctoral researcher)
A statistical model for dating uncertainties in Greenland ice core records

Wednesday, 28.04.2021

RD4 head Jürgen Kurths will co-convene a session with the title "Complex systems science meets machine learning for new approaches to predictions and predictability estimation for geophysical systems".

Jun Meng
Complexity-based approach for El Nino magnitude forecasting before the spring predictability barrier

Forough Hassanibesheli (doctoral researcher)
Echo-State Networks for Predicting ENSO Beyond One Year

Zhen Su (doctoral researcher)
A comparative study of extreme precipitation patterns using complex networks

Nitin Babu George, Elena Surovyatkina, Raghavan Krishnan, and Jürgen Kurths
Critical transition to monsoon in outgoing long-wave radiation: prediction of the advance of Indian Summer Monsoon

Tobias Braun (doctoral researcher)
Two millennia of seasonal rainfall predictability in the neotropics with repercussions for agricultural societies

Elena Surovyatkina (Senior Scientist)
The impact of Arctic warming on the timing of Indian monsoon and ice season in the Sea of Okhotsk

K. Hauke Kraemer (doctoral researcher)
A unified and automated approach to attractor reconstruction

Shraddha Gupta (Doctoral researcher)
A Complex Network approach for studying Tropical Cyclones

Abhirup Banerjee (Doctoral researcher)
Recurrence based coupling analysis between event-like data and continuous data

Annika Stechemesser (doctoral researcher)
The relationship between temperature and digital hate – strong increase of racist tweets outside of climate comfort zone in Europe

Kilian Kuhla (doctoral researcher)
Economic ripple resonance from consecutive weather extremes amplifies consumption losses

Maximilian Kotz (doctoral researcher)
Day-to-day temperature variability reduces economic growth

Thursday, 29.04.2021

Vanessa Skiba (doctoral researcher)
Contemporaneously growing speleothems and their value to decipher in-cave processes

Friday, 30.04.2021

Maximilian Gelbrecht
Neural Partial Differential Equations for Simple Climate Models

Takahito Mitsui and Niklas Boers
Seasonal prediction of Indian Summer Monsoon onset with machine learning

Jonas Pilot (MSc student), co-authors: Thanh Binh Bui and Niklas Boers
Towards machine learning for the estimation of wildfire risk from weather and sociological data

Philipp Hess (doctoral researcher), Niklas Boers
Inferring precipitation from atmospheric general circulation model variables