The PIKeeBB-project

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Integration of climate change and climate adaptation into vocational education based on the web-portal

The project objective

In order to make the topics of climate change and adaptation in the classroom realistic and practical, vocational schools need adequate resources and materials, as well as motivated teachers who regard this as a very important subject. The aim of the PIKeeBB project was to make the web-portal available for vocational training and to provide teachers with suitable materials for mediation. As part of the project eight exemplary modules addressing the issues of climate change and adaptation were developed, tested and implemented for various training occupations and interdisciplinary subjects. This will help to qualify trainees to consider environmental impacts in their economically oriented work processes and to learn how to develop and implement individual adaptation measures in their occupational field.

The PIKeeBB project worked closely with a technical college for economics and administration and the conference for economic and social studies as well as with the following educational conferences:
EC Health Care Services Officers
EC Insurance and Financial Service Brokers
EC Event Manager

Offers for teachers

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Project period PIKeeBB: September 2017 to August 2019