Accessing Eduroam at PIK

Welcome to the page which provides basic information on the Eduroam access for PIK visitors. It contains information on where one can access Eduroam and what services are available.

For Log-In toe the "eduroam" network please use the method and credentials provided by your institute.

Places where Eduroam is broadcasted by PIK

Eduroam is broadcast by PIK in buildings A26, A31, A56 and A62 on Telegraphenberg.

Please note, that in other buildings on Telegraphenberg, including jointly used venues like the canteen (H) or the central library (A17), Eduroam is provided courtesy of GFZ.


Available services from PIK's Eduroam

1. Services allowing incoming and outgoing traffic: Standard IPSec VPN, OpenVPN 2.0, IPv6 Tunnel broker service, IPSec NAT-Traversal,  PPTP VPN.

2. Services that are limited to use as client: Cisco IPSec over TCP, SSH, HTTP, mail sending, mail reception and FTP passive are available, but are limited for use as client.


In case of problems connecting to Eduroam, your first contact should be your home institution, because the view from there allows a better troubleshooting. When the problem is due to an issue at PIK your local administrators will contact the network services here. If you use Eduroam in the canteen or library please contact IT personal of GFZ,