Earth System Model Development (DESM)

Earth System Model Development (DESM)
Development and optimization of model interfaces and model components: coupling of ocean, atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere. (c) Boris Sakschewski

About the working group

This working group provides input and supports model development and coupling for the other working groups of RD1. Here, several models are brought together. Most of those models have a long history. They are used on different time scales, grid resolutions, grid types, with different parallelization approaches, etc . The focus of model development is on atmosphere dynamics, investigation of feedbacks between climate and biosphere, and on integration of the ice sheet model into POEM.

Working Group Leader:

Sibyll Schaphoff
Stefan Petri

Related Models


Research objectives

  • Coupling of ocean, atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere into the Potsdam Earth Model POEM
  • Development of interfaces for / between the component models
  • Improvements in component models to satisfy requirements of coupling interfaces
  • Debugging, optimisation and exploiting modern hardware features

Model development

POEM - the Potsdam Earth Model to bridge the gap between traditional EMICs and the current generation of comprehensive models.

It comprises:

  • MOM5 / MOM6 - the Modular Ocean Model
  • LPJmL - the Lund Potsdam Jena Dynamic Vegetation Model with Land-use
  • PISM-PIK - the Parallel Ice Sheet Model
  • Aeolus is a novel Statistical-Dynamical Atmosphere Model