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Christina Roolfs

Christina Roolfs
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegraphenberg A31 / 1.17
Phone: +49 (0)331 288 20813
Email: christina.roolfs[at]
Postal Address
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


Christina Roolfs is a member of the Policy Instruments Group. She has studied mathematics, art & media, and sustainability economics and is now doing her doctorate in economics.

In her dissertation Christina examines the European Emissions Trading System from a multilevel governance perspective. Her dissertation, however, is framed much more general: She analyzes agreeable policy recommendations for global public good provision in a federal-like systems. One crucial element of her analysis is the role of transfer payments between poor and rich states and how states’ consensus could be facilitated.

Her work is embedded in the de.zentral-project. It analyzes institutionally and technologically consistent energy strategies for a rather central or decentralized energy transition in Germany.

Christina has several years of professional experience in the planning and operation of wind farms in Germany (in particular feed-in resp. congestion management measures, direct marketing, and technical re-adjustments according to EEG amendments). She also dealt with congestion management measures and multinational power grid planning as part of master's thesis.


Working papers

C. Roolfs, B. Gaitan, O. Edenhofer: The Good, the Bad, and the Useless: Multilevel Emissions Policy and the Effectiveness of Commonly Used Federal Transfers (January 11, 2018). link



Edenhofer, O., Roolfs, C., Gaitan, B., Nahmmacher, P., Flachsland, C. (2017): Agreeing on an EU ETS Price Floor to Foster Solidarity, Subsidiarity and Efficiency in the EU. In Parry, I.; Pittel, L.; Vollebergh, H. (Eds.): Energy Tax and Regulatory Policy in Europe: Reform Priorities, MIT press, link.

Schmid, E., Pechan, A., Neetzow, P., Roolfs, C., Neubauer, L., Eisenack, K. (2017): 6 Thesen zu einer de.zentralen Energiewende – Erkenntnisse aus dem Projekt de.zentral, online.

Roolfs, C., Gaitan, B., Edenhofer, O. (2016): Reducing State-Federal Conflicts in Environmental Policy: The Role of Federal Transfer Design. EAERE-conference paper.


de.zentral - Institutionally and technologically consistent energy strategies for a rather central or decentralized energy transition in Germany


Student Award from the Swiss Association for Energy Economics (SAEE) for Master’s thesis on „Modeling electric network capacity under different institutional settings” (Executive summary and poster)


2017      IRMBAM subconference in environmental economics, Nice

2017      PET conference, Paris

2017      EAERE conference, Athens

2017      Verein für Socialpolitik, AURÖ Young Researchers Workshop, Basel

2016      de.zentral Stakeholder Workshop, Berlin

2016      Strommarkttreffen - Energiewende 2.0, Berlin

2016      PET conference, Rio de Janeiro

2016      EAERE conference, Zurich           

2016      Cluster-Workshop Governance, BMBF-Programm, Berlin

2015      Workshop on Energy and Territories, Dijon (invited talk)

2015      PhD Conference Sustainable Environmental Politics and Economy, Berlin

2015      ICP workshop, Berlin

2013      IAEE Conference, Düsseldorf

2013      FAEE Student Workshop, Paris (invited talk)

2012      SAEE Student Chapter Workshop, Zürich

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