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Scheduling Poll

  • Using the poll below, vote for when the seminar should be held. After you vote, you will be added to the list and considered a participant!

  • Feel free to leave comments at the end, if you would like to suggest anything!

General information

The weekly seminar is a place for us to share information and ideas with each other. It provides a venue (particularly for the younger scientists) to practice presentation skills and communicate with others in our small community. The more consistent participation there is, the better the seminar will be. More experienced scientists are, of course, also invited.

Each week, someone should give a presentation, ranging from 20-40min, with plenty time for discussion at the end. You can choose to make a talk on any subject you like. It would make sense for the topic to relate to Earth system modelling and research, generally - but hopefully this covers a wide range. Some ideas are:

  • Recent results from your research
  • A publication or two you find interesting - for example, you could compare two different methods or highlight some new results (see or add some suggestions here).
  • Programming / modelling related issues or advances

Once we have an idea of who will participate, the schedule of presentations will be generated randomly and posted a couple of months in advance, so people have time to prepare their talks (see table below). Feel free to exchange your slot with another, if yours is not convenient (work it out between yourselves, and then email either me or Dim to modify the schedule).

Clearly, snacks would also be a requirement of such a seminar! Therefore, each week, someone will be expected to provide some kind of snacks (cookies, cakes, fruit, etc.) for the meeting. The schedule for snacks is listed below along with the presentations.


Location: A62, top floor conference room

Day / Time: TBA

Note: No seminar will be held any week when there is a "Big Climber" or RD1 seminar.

Talk schedule

Date Presenter Topic Snacks


Participant list

Alex <robinson@pik-potsdam.de>,
Dim <coumou@pik-potsdam.de>,
Jacob <jacob.schewe@pik-potsdam.de>,
Georg <georg.feulner@pik-potsdam.de>,
Friederike <friederike.otto@pik-potsdam.de>,
Ricarda <
Maria <maria.martin@pik-potsdam.de>,
Torsten <torsten.albrecht@pik-potsdam.de>,
Daria <daria@pik-potsdam.de>,
Stefan (Petri) <petri@pik-potsdam.de>,
Thomas <schneider@pik-potsdam.de>,
Matthias <mengel@pik-potsdam.de>,
Hendrik Kienert <kienert@pik-potsdam.de>
Thomas Recknagel <thomasre@pik-potsdam.de>