Maximilian Gelbrecht

Doctoral Researcher


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam

Former PhD Student in RD4 / HU Berlin IRTG 1740

Now PostDoc at FU Berlin and PIK FutureLab Artificial Intelligence in the Anthropocene

Network Science, Dynamical Systems and Machine Learning

Currently working on the application of Neural Partial Differential Equations to Atmospheric Dynamics

  • Maximilian Gelbrecht, Niklas Boers, Jürgen Kurths: "Neural Partial Differential Equations for Chaotic Systems",  In: New Journal of Physics (2021) (Open Access)
  • Maximilian Gelbrecht, Valerio Lucarini, Niklas Boers, and Jürgen Kurths. “Analysis of a bistable climate toy model with physics-based machine learning methods”.  arXiv:2011.12227
  • Nico Wunderling, Maximilian Gelbrecht, Ricarda Winkelmann, Jürgen Kurths, and Jonathon F Donges. “Basin stability and limit cycles in a conceptual model for climate tipping cascades”. In: New Journal of Physics (2020) (Open Access)
  • Maximilian Gelbrecht, Jürgen Kurths, and Frank Hellmann. “Monte Carlo basin bifurcation analysis”. In: New Journal of Physics 22.3 (Mar. 2020), p. 033032 ( (Open Access)
  • Maximilian Gelbrecht, Niklas Boers, and Jürgen Kurths. “Phase coherence between precipitation in South America and Rossby waves”. In: Science Advances 4.12 (2018). (Open Access)
  • Maximilian Gelbrecht, Niklas Boers, and Jürgen Kurths. “A complex network representation of wind flows”. In: Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 27.3 (2017), p. 035808