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Image Plain Text Krem Mawmluh
Cave "Krem Mawmluh" in the Meghalaya district of India. (Photo: Norbert Marwan, 2007)
Image Momentary Information Transfer
Momentary Information Transfer (Jakob Runge, 2012)
Image Schema for absolute age
Schema for absolute age illustrating the transfer from age uncertainties to uncertainties in the proxy domain (Bedartha Goswami, Norbert Marwan, 2013).
Image Recurrence network for Rössler in 2D
Phase space trajectory of the Rössler system in 2D. Recurrences are represented by network links, providing means of complex network analysis of time series.
Image Recurrence plot with distribution
Recurrence plot and merged distribution of the diagonal lines. The merged distribution is the base for a statistical test of RQA measures. (Norbert Marwan, 2013)
Image pik addresse
Image JPEG image Waipuna Cave 2019
Collecting water samples and measuring water parameters in the Waipuna cave, New Zealand, during fieldwork. The monitoring of recent cave environment parameters helps in understanding the variation of palaeoclimate proxies derived from stalagmites.
Image Multiplex Recurrence Network
Network representation of a multiplex recurrence network. Orange, blue and green links correspond to intrasystem recurrences, where gray links indicate the intersystem relationship (linking states that occur at the same point in time).
Image Probability time series
A time series with uncertainties can be considerd as a time series of probability density functions.
Image PostScript document Structures in RPs
Characteristic and quantifiable features in recurrence plots.
Image Octet Stream Solar impact Central America
Granger causality analysis to quantify the solar and volcanic impact on the regional climate in Central America. Whereas the volcanic impact is persistent, the solar influence vanishes after 1250 (visible by exceeding of the p-values over the 0.001 limit).