David M. Landholm

David M. Landholm

M.Eng. (Forest Engineer)

Research Domain II: Climate Impacts & Vulnerabilities

Research Area III: Climate Change & Development (CCD)

Flagship Project: Sustainable Transition Pathways


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Postal Address: P.O. Box 60 12 03, 14412 Potsdam, Germany

Visiting Address: Pappelallee 20, Room 3.11, 14469 Potsdam, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 331 288 20718 

E-Mail: landholm [at] pik-potsdam.de 

Research interests:

Drivers of deforestation

Climate change mitigation

Armed conflict and land use change

Sustainable development and low-carbon transitions

Projects at PIK:

SAL - Sustainable Amazonian Landscapes

TESS - Towards European Societal Sustainability

Publications (in preparation):

Ganzenmüller, R., D.M. Landholm, A. Castro. Deforestation dynamics in times of conflict and peace in Colombia. 

Seydewitz, T., D.M. Landholm, J.P. Kropp, A. Schultz, P. Pradhan. Global assessment of proximate deforestation drivers across the tropics: impacts on carbon stocks and ecosystem services.

Landholm, D.M., T. Seydewitz, M.K.B. Lüdeke, L. Costa. Long term seasonal deforestation shifts induced by climate change.


ISI Publications (accepted/under review):

Landholm, D.M., D.D. Burra, M.K.B. Lüdeke, L. Reymondin, J.P. Kropp, G. Grosjean (In review). Cross-country analysis of commodity-driven tropical deforestation.

Landholm, D.M., P. Pradhan, P. Wegamnn, M. Romero, J.C. Suárez Salazar, J.P. Kropp (Accepted). Reducing deforestation and improving livestock productivity: GHG mitigation potential of silvopastoral systems in Caquetá. Environmental Research Letters. [PDF]

Landholm, D.M., P. Pradhan, J.P. Kropp (2019). Diverging forest land use dynamics induced by armed conflict across the tropics, Global Environmental Change. [PDF]

Martellozzo, F., D.M. Landholm,  A. Holsten (2019). Upscaling from the grassroots: potential aggregate carbon reduction from community-based inititatives in Europe. Regional Environmental Change. [PDF]

Landholm, D.M., A. Holsten, F. Martellozzo, D. Reusser, J.P. Kropp (2018). Climate change mitigation potential of community-based initiatives in Europe. Regional Environmental Change. [PDF] [Repository]

San Miguel, G., B. Corona, D. Ruiz, D.M. Landholm, R. Laina, E. Tolosana, H. Sixto, I. Cañellas (2015). Environmental, energy and economic analysis of a biomass supply chain based on a poplar short rotation coppice in Spain. Journal of Cleaner Production, 94(0), 93-101. [PDF]