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Recent selected publications

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jürgen Kurths

Rodrigues, F. A.; Peron, T. K. DM.; Ji, P.; Kurths, J.
The Kuramoto model in complex networks
In: Physics Reports, 610 (2016)

Hellmann, F.; Schulz, P.; Grabow, C.; Heitzig, J.; Kurths, J.
Survivability of deterministic dynamical systems
In: Nature Scientific Reports, 6 , Art. 29654 (2016)

Eroglu, D.; McRobie, F. H.; Ozken, I.; Stemler, T.; Wyrwoll, K.-H.; Breitenbach, S. F. M.; Marwan, N.; Kurths, J.
See-saw relationship of the Holocene East Asian-Australian summer monsoon
In: Nature Communications, 7 , 12929 (2016)

Iyengar, S. V.; Balakrishnan, J.; Kurths, J.
Impact of climate change on larch budmoth cyclic outbreaks
In: Nature Scientific Reports, 6 , Art. 27845 (2016)

Wiedermann, M.; Radebach, A.; Donges, J. F.; Kurths, J.; Donner, R. V.
A climate network-based index to discriminate different types of El Niño and La Niña
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 43 , 13 (2016)

Stolbova, V.; Surovyatkina, E.; Bookhagen, B.; Kurths, J.
Tipping elements of the Indian monsoon: Prediction of onset and withdrawal
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 43 ,8 (2016)

Leng, S.; Lin, W.; Kurths, J.
Basin stability in delayed dynamics
In: Nature Scientific Reports, 6 , 21449 (2016)

Yi Yu, Gaoxi Xiao, Jie Zhou, Yubo Wang, Zhen Wang, Jürgen Kurths, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber
System crash as dynamics of complex networks
PNAS, Vol. 113, No. 42 (2016)

S. Auer, J. Heitzig, U. Kornek, E. Schöll, J. Kurths
The Dynamics of Coalition Formation on Complex Networks
Scientific Reports 5, 13386 (2015)

J. Runge, V. Petoukhov, J. Donges, J. Hlinka, N. Jajcay, M. Vejmelka, D. Hartman, N. Marwan, M. Palus, J. Kurths
Identifying causal gateways and mediators in complex spatio-temporal systems

Nature Communications6, 8502 (2015)

D. Mukhin, A. Gavrilov, A. Feigin, E. Loskutov, J. Kurths
Principal nonlinear dynamical modes of climate variability
Scientific Reports 5, 15510 (2015)

C. Mitra, J. Kurths, R. Donner
An integrative quantifier of multistability in complex systems based on ecological resilience
Scientific Reports 5, 16196 (2015)

J. Jia, Z. Song, W. Liu,J. Kurths, J. Xiao
Experimental Study of the Triplet Synchronization of Coupled Nonidentical Mechanical Metronomes
Scientific Reports 5, 17008 (2015)

W. Zou, D.V. Senthilkumar, R. Nagao, I. Z. Kiss, Y. Tang, A. Koseska, J. Duan, J. Kurths
Restoration of rhythmicity in diffusively coupled dynamical networksNature Communications, 6, 7709 (2015)

N. Boers, B. Bookhagen, H. M. J. Barbosa, N. Marwan, J. Kurths, J.A. Marengo
Prediction of extreme floods in the eastern Central Andes based on a complex networks approach
Nature Communications, 5, 5199 (2014)

N. Boers, A. Rheinwalt, B. Bookhagen, H. M. J. Barbosa, N. Marwan, J. Marengo, J. Kurths
The South American rainfall dipole: A complex network analysis of extreme events
Geophysical Research Letters, 41, 20, 7397-7405 p. (2014)

J. Lu, J. Zhong, Y. Tang, T. Huang, J. Cao, J. Kurths
Synchronization in output-coupled temporal Boolean networks
Nature Scientific Reports, 4, 6292 (2014)

Z. Su, L. Li, H. Peng, J. Kurths, J. Xiao, Y. Yang
Robustness of interrelated traffic networks to cascading failures
Nature Scientific Reports, 4, 5413 (2014)

P. Ji, T.K.DM. Peron, F.A. Rodrigues, J. Kurths
Low-dimensional behavior of Kuramoto model with inertia in complex networks
Nature Scientific Reports, 4, 4783 (2014)

P. J. Menck, J. Heitzig, J. Kurths, H.J. Schellnhuber
How dead ends undermine power grid stability
Nature Communications, 5, 3969 (2014)

L. Li, H. Peng, J. Kurths, Y. Yang, H.J. Schellnhuber
Chaos-order transition in foraging behavior of ants
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Early Edition (2014)

Y. Zou, T. Pereira, M. Small, Z. Liu, J. Kurths
Basin of Attraction Determines Hysteresis in Explosive Synchronization
Physical Review Letters 112, 114102 (2014)

N. Molkenthin, K. Rehfeld, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
Networks from Flows - From Dynamics to Topology
Scientific Reports, 4, 4119 (2014)

N. Boers, B. Bookhagen, N. Marwan, J. Kurths, J. Marengo
Complex networks identify spatial patterns of extreme rainfall events of the South American Monsoon System
Geophysical Research Letters, 40, 16, 4386–4392 p. (2013)

A. Koseska, E. Volkov, J. Kurths
Oscillation quenching mechanisms: Amplitude vs. oscillation death
Physics Reports, 531, 4, 173–199 p. (2013)

M. van der Mheen, H. A. Dijkstra, A. Gozolchiani, M. den Toom, Q. Feng, J. Kurths, E. Hernandez-Garcia
Interaction network based early warning indicators for the Atlantic MOC collapse
Geophysical Research Letters, 40, 11, 2714–2719 p. (2013)

W. Zou, D.V. Senthilkumar, M. Zhan, J. Kurths
Reviving Oscillations in Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators
Physical Review Letters, 111, 1, 014101 (2013)

A. Koseska, E. Volkov, J. Kurths
Transition from Amplitude to Oscillation Death via Turing Bifurcation
Physical Review Letters, 111, 2, 024103 (2013)

P. Menck, J. Heitzig, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
How basin stability complements the linear-stability paradigm
Nature Physics, 9, 89–92 p. (2013)

P. Ji, T. K. DM. Peron, P. J. Menck, F. A. Rodrigues, J. Kurths
Cluster Explosive Synchronization in Complex Networks
Physical Review Letters 110, 21, 218701 (2013)

J. Runge, J. Heitzig, V. Petoukhov, J. Kurths
Escaping the curse of dimensionality in estimating multivariate transfer entropy
Physical Review Letters, 108, 258701 (2012)

J. F. Donges, R. V. Donner, M. H. Trauth, N. Marwan, H. J. Schellnhuber, J. Kurths
Nonlinear detection of paleoclimate-variability transitions possibly related to human evolution
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 108 , 51, 20422–20427 p. (2011)

W. Yu, G. Chen, M. Cao, J. Kurths
Second-order consensus for multiagent systems with directed topologies and nonlinear dynamics.
IEEE Transactions On Systems, Man, And Cybernetics—Part B: Cybernetics, 40 , 3, 881-891 p. (2010)

Y. Wu, C. Zhou, J. Xiao, J. Kurths, H. J. Schellnhuber
Evidence for a bimodal distribution in human communication
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 107, 42 (2010)

J. Nawrath, M. C. Romano, M. Thiel, I. Z. Kiss, M. Wickramasinghe, J. Timmer, J. Kurths, B. Schelter
Distinguishing direct from indirect interactions in oscillatory networks with multiple time scales
Physical Review Letters, 104 (2010)

J. F. Donges, Y. Zou, N. Marwan, J. Kurths
The backbone of the climate network
Europhysics Letters (epl), 87, 48007 (2009)

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