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Benjamin Kriemann

Department of Data & Computation
IT-Infrastructure Group

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegraphenberg A31
D-14473 Potsdam,

Phone: +49-(0)331-288-2068
Email: kriemann /

Some documentations for several computer programs:


Installation guide MRTG

This documentatation describes how to install the Multi Router Traffic Grapher with needed components like SNMP for visualizating network traffic.

Example mrtg.cfg

An example mrtg.cfg monitoring the edge router, switch a31, workstation 01 and - if SNMP is installed - the local machine.

MRTG in action

Site monitoring the edge router, switches A31, A26, A51, C4, fileserver 01, workstation 01 and server 12.


Installation guide Nagios

This manual explains how to install the network monitoring tool Nagios and shows how to monitor different hosts and services.

Updating Nagios 1.2 to 2.0

This documentation describes how to install Nagios 2.0 and to take over the personal settings.

Nagios in action

A service monitoring tool checking the availability of server and blades, login as guest with blank password.


Installation guide FreeRadius

Some information how to install and configure the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (Radius) and configure it for use with a database.

Installation guide FreeRadius Dialup Admin

A web based tool to create and change radius user accounts.

Configuration guide FreeRadius at BS03

This documentation describes how to configure the FreeRadius server for use with the Wireless Lan Controller and LDAP.

Documentation of IHK project

Setting up an authentication server for a port-based access control connected to a database resp. LDAP.


Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing @ PIK - Users Guide

How to apply for a video conference and how to convene it – some useful hints.

Set up a Video Conference System

This documentation discribes how a video conference system works and which data has to be inserted to connect to other stations.

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