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Reviewer for 

Earth Interactions, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Global Change Biology, Ecosystems, Trends in Plant Science, New Phytologist, Palaeo-3, Science and others.

Editor for

Biogeoscience ( ) and Earth System Dynamics (

(as of Apr 2014)

Six most important peer-reviewed articles

  • Reichstein M, Bahn M, Ciais P, Frank D, Mahecha MD, Seneviratne SI, Zscheischler J, Beer C, Buchmann N, Frank DC, Papale D, Rammig A, Smith P, Thonicke K, van der Velde M, Vicca S, Walz A, Wattenbach M 2013 Climate extremes and the carbon cycle. Nature, 500:287–295, doi 10.1038/nature12350
  • Rammig A, Jupp T, Thonicke K, Tietjen B, Heinke J, Ostberg S, Lucht W, Cramer W & Cox P 2010. Estimating the risk of Amazonian forest dieback. New Phytol 187(3):694-706
  • The SPITFIRE model publication: Thonicke K, Spessa A, Prentice IC, Harrison SP, Dong L & Carmona-Moreno C 2010. The influence of vegetation, fire spread and fire behaviour on biomass burning and trace gas emissions: results from a process-based model. Biogeoscience 7(6):1991-2011
  • Schröter D, Cramer W, Leemans R, …Thonicke K,… et al. (2005) Ecosystem service supply and vulnerability to global change in Europe. Science, 310(5752), 1333-1337.
  • The LPJ model publication: Sitch S, Smith B, Prentice IC, Arneth A, Bondeau A, Cramer W, Kaplan JO, Levis S, Lucht W, Sykes MT, Thonicke K, Venevsky S (2003), Evaluation of ecosystem dynamics, plant geography and terrestrial carbon cycling in the LPJ Dynamic Global Vegetation Model. Global Change Biology 9, 161-185.
  • The Glob-FIRM fire model publication: Thonicke K, Venevsky S, Sitch S, Cramer W (2001), The role of fire disturbance for global vegetation dynamics: coupling fire into a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model. Global Ecology & Biogeography 10, 661-677.


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