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Dr. Jobst Heitzig

Research Department 4, Complexity Science

Leader, FutureLab on Game Theory and Networks of Interacting Agents

Co-speaker, collaborative activity copan – Coevolutionary Pathways

Portrait Jobst Heitzig


Jobst Heitzig
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam, Germany

phone +49 331 288-2692
fax +49 331 288-2640
(please use this key to encrypt confidential email
or check email signed by me for authenticity)

Room: telegraph hill, trefoil building, upper floor, left of "sun 3"

ResearcherID E-8271-2011, my ResearchGate profile

CV with publication list (relatively up to date)

Publications (on Google Scholar)


Research Interests

A coevolutionary spiral

Peculiar network facts

  • Erdös number: 2 (via Marcel Erné)
  • according to the Mathematics Genealogy, my almost complete lineage is:
    Nicolaus Copernicus → Georg Joachim von Leuchen Rheticus → Valentin Otto → Melchior Jöstel → Ambrosius Rhodius → Christoph Notnagel → Johann Andreas Quenstedt → Michael Walther Jr. → Johann Pasch → Johann Andreas Planer → Christian August Hausen → Abraham Gotthelf Kästner → Georg Christoph Lichtenberg → Johann Tobias Mayer → Enno Heeren Dirksen → Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi Emmy Amalie Noether → Max Deuring → Max Koecher → Marcel Erné → Jobst Heitzig, which is by no means special since in their database almost 2/3 of all mathematicians go back to Copernicus!

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