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Dr. Ramana Gudipudi

Postdoctoral Researcher at Urban Transformations Group

Short summary:

Dr. Ramana Gudipudi

An urban planner by profession with ten years of combined experience in research, planning and implementing sustainable urban infrastructure projects with a focus on climate change. A qualified project manager having dealt with acquisition and implementation of a wide array of research and infrastructure projects collaborating with clients from public institutions, academia and private companies. Specialist knowledge on improving energy/resource efficiency and identifying/evaluating adaptation strategies to improve urban resilience. An experienced data analyst with expertise in R statistical software, Geographic Information Systems and various modeling techniques and software programs.

Main field of work and research interests:

  • Strategies to improve emission and resource efficiency in global cities
  • Benchmarking measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Co-benefits of mitigation and adaptation measures at city scale
  • Costs of climate change adaptation for urban infrastructure


Mail: P.O.Box 60 12 03, 14412 Potsdam, Germany
phone: +49-331-288-2536
fax: +49-331-288-20709


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  • Gudipudi, R.; Luedeke, M; Rybski,D, Kropp,J.P, (2017): Urban Eco-efficiency and Urbanites’ Perceptions, Cities Journal,
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  • Zhou,B; Gudipudi,R.; Luedeke,M; Ban.Y; Kropp,J.P; Rybski,D (2017): Spatial distribution of population and emissions: Inhomogeneities and development dependence, Nature Publishing Journal - Climate and Atmospheric Science (Submitted)

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