Julius Eberhard

Doctoral Researcher

Mainly working together with Georg Feulner (ᴘɪᴋ) and colleagues from ɢꜰᴢ (H.S.D., J.B., Dynamics of early Earth and evolution of plate tectonics), my current aim is to examine the influence of particular climate ‘modes of operation’ on the very-long-term past evolution of plate tectonics (Snowball Earth and subsequent Hothouse Earth; Boring Billion). To this end, I use a climate model of intermediate complexity and work on developing a simple coupled model of climatic, Earth surface, and geodynamic processes.

Alongside Anne Merfort, I am one of the junior ombudspersons at ᴘɪᴋ. We are contacts for questions regarding good research practice, offering confidential first consultations and general information on the topic. Cases of scientific mediation are always handled together with, or solely by, the senior ombudspersons, Sabine Undorf and Franziska Piontek.


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
T +49 (0)331 288 20748
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


  • Until 2012 (Dresden, Radebeul): School, wage work.
  • 2012–2022 (Potsdam): University studies in geoecology and physics, research assistances (ᴜᴘ, ᴀᴡɪ).
  • Since April 2022 (Potsdam): Doctoral researcher at ᴘɪᴋ.

  • Feedbacks between climate and plate tectonics through Earth’s history (current)
  • Role of Earth’s orbital geometry and volcanic perturbations in the inception of a Snowball Earth (M.Sc. thesis)
  • Chaotic atmospheric dynamics and predictability in Arctic regional climate modeling (B.Sc. thesis)
  • Salt transport in coastal groundwater (B.Sc. thesis)

  • Eberhard, J., O.E. Bevan, G. Feulner, S. Petri, J. van Hunen, J.U.L. Baldini (2023): Sensitivity of Neoproterozoic snowball-Earth inceptions to continental configuration, orbital geometry, and volcanism, Climate of the Past, 19, 2203–2235. DOI:10.5194/cp-19-2203-2023
  • Eberhard, J., N.L.M.B. van Schaik, A. Schibalski, T. Gräff (2020): Simulating future salinity dynamics in a coastal marshland under different climate scenarios, Vadose Zone Journal, 19, e20008. DOI:10.1002/vzj2.20008

Numerical models in climate science (weekly exercise, summer semester 2023 at University of Potsdam)