Hutter Calov 1996 Cold Reg


Large scale motion and temperature distributions in land based ice shields - a review

by K. Hutter and R. Calov

A review is given of the theory of cold ice sheets in the so-called shallow ice approximation, and a literature survey is preformed of its application in ice sheet modelling of the large ice shields, such as Greenland, Antarctica and other, historical, ice sheets. Application of the model equations to various climate state scenarios demonstrates how well the model reproduces measured flow data in Greenland, and indicates how it must be extended to accomodate the polythermal structure of the ice, and altered beyond the shallow ice approximation to include longitudinal stress effects.

Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Thermal Engineering and Sciences for Cold Regions (ed. Y. Lee and W. Hallett), 22-46 (1996)

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