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Christoph Bertram

Christoph BertramDr. Christoph Bertram

Tel: +49 331 288 20764
Telegraphenberg A 51
D-14412 Potsdam


Christoph works on the representation of climate policies in coupled macroeconomic and energy system models to evaluate climate change mitigation strategies. His research interests include the interrelationship of mid-term climate policies and long-term policy goals, national energy climate policies, and broader sustainability impacts of the energy system and mitigation pathways.

He studied Physics and Political Science at the Universities of Tübingen and Córdoba, Argentina, holds a PhD in economics of TU Berlin and an advanced degree in Physics (Diplom-Phys.). After working as WBGU research analyst for Professors Rahmstorf and Schellnhuber for one year, he joined the Global Energy Systems group of Research Domain III: Sustainable Solutions in April 2011.

Publications (peer reviewed):

  • Jewell, J.; McCollum, D.; Emmerling, J.; Bertram, C.; Gernaat, D.; Krey, V.; Paroussos, L.; Berger, L.; Fragkiadakis, K.; Keppo, I.; Saadi Failali, N.; Tavoni, M.; Vuuren, D. P. van; Vinichenko, V.; Riahi, K. (2018) Limited emission reductions from fuel subsidy removal except in exporting regions. In: Nature (link to journal page, pdf available upon request).
  • Edenhofer, O.; Steckel, J.; Jakob, M.; Bertram, C. (2018) Reports of coal’s terminal decline may be exaggerated. In: Environmental Research Letters, 13 (open access).
  • Kriegler, E.; Bauer, N.; Popp, A.; Humpenöder, F.; Leimbach, M.; Strefler, J.; Baumstark, L.; Bodirsky, B.; Hilaire, J.; Klein, D.; Mouratiadou, I.; Weindl, I.; Bertram, C.; Dietrich, J.-P.; Luderer, G.; Pehl, M.; Pietzcker, R.; Piontek, F.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Biewald, A.; Bonsch, M.; Giannousakis, A.; Kreidenweis, U.; Müller, C.; Rolinski, S.; Schultes, A.; Schwanitz, J.; Stevanovic, M.; Calvin, K.; Emmerling, J.; Fujimori, S.; Edenhofer, O. (2017) Fossil-fueled development (SSP5): An energy and resource intensive scenario for the 21st century In: Global Environmental Change, 42 (open access)
  • Edelenbosch, O. Y.; Vuuren, D. P. van; Bertram, C.; Carrara, S.; Emmerling, J.; Daly, H.; Kitous, A.; McCollum, D. L.; Saadi Failali, N. (2017) Transport fuel demand responses to fuel price and income projections: Comparison of integrated assessment models
    In: Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 55
  • McCollum D, Wilson C, Pettifor H, Ramea K, Krey V, Riahi K, Bertram C, Lin Z, Edelenbosch O, Fujisawa S. (2017) Improving the behavioral realism of global integrated assessment models: An application to consumers’ vehicle choices. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 55 (Post print).

  • Edelenbosch O, McCollum D, van Vuuren DP, Bertram C, Carrara S, Daly H, Fujimori S, Kitous A, et al. (2017) Decomposing passenger transport futures: Comparing results of global integrated assessment models. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 55 (Post print)

  • von Stechow, C., J.C. Minx, K. Riahi, J. Jewell, D.L. McCollum, M.W. Callaghan, C. Bertram, G. Luderer, G. B (2016): 2°C and SDGs: United they stand, divided they fall? Environ. Res. Lett., Vol. 11, Mar. 2016 [open access]

  • C. Bertram, G. Luderer, R. Pietzcker, E. Schmid, E. Kriegler, and O. Edenhofer, “Complementing carbon prices with technology policies to keep climate targets within reach,” Nature Climate Change, vol. 5, no. 3, 2015, , [Post-print].
  • G. Luderer, R. Pietzcker, C. Bertram, E. Kriegler, M. Meinshausen, and O. Edenhofer, “Economic mitigation challenges: how further delay closes the door for achieving climate targets,Environ. Res. Lett., vol. 8, no. 3, p. 034033, Sep. 2013 [open access]  .
  • C. Bertram, N. Johnson, G. Luderer, K. Riahi, M. Isaac, J. Eom, "Carbon lock-in through capital stock inertia associated with weak near-term climate policies", Technol. Forecast. Soc. Change (2015), [open access].
  • G. Luderer, C. Bertram, K. Calvin, E. D. Cian, and E. Kriegler, “Implications of weak near-term climate policies on long-term mitigation pathways,Climatic Change, pp. 1–14, 2013. [Preprint available after final publication]
  • K. Riahi, E. Kriegler, N. Johnson, C. Bertram, M. den Elzen, J. Eom, M. Schaeffer, J. Edmonds, M. Isaac, V. Krey, T. Longdon, G. Luderer, A. Mejean, D. L McCollum, S. Mima, H. Turton, D. van Vuuren, K. Wada, V. Bosetti, P. Capros, P. Criqui, M. Hamdi-Cherif, M. Kainuma, O. Edenhofer, "Locked into Copenhagen pledges - Implications of short-term emission targets for the cost and feasibility of long-term climate goals", Technol. Forecast. Soc. Change (2015), [open access].
  • J. Schwanitz, F. Piontek, C. Bertram, G. Luderer, "Long-term climate policy implications of phasing out fossil fuel subsidies", Energy Policy, [Post-print]


Publications (other):

  • C. Bertram “The effect of near-term climate policies on the achievability of ambitious long-term climate targets" 2015, PhD Thesis, TU Berlin
  • MILES consortium "Beyond the numbers: Understanding the transformation induced by INDCs" 2015



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