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Wolfram Barfuss

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I'm exploring the safe and just operating space for humanity's sustainable development using stylized social-ecological system models. I work with adaptive networks, Markovian decision processes, reinforcement learning and evolutionary dynamics.



Conferences, Schools & Workshops


I co-supervised various master, bachelor and internship projects. 

I also gave lectures on Agent Based Modeling and Multi-agent systems,



The Exploit model is an agent-based adaptive network model, conceptualizing planetary social-ecological coevolution.

Python/Cython high-performance implementation on GitHub (cyexploit)
Interactive NetLogo implementation on GitHub (netlogo-exploit)


  • pymofa: Python modeling framework
A collection of simple functions to run and evaluate computer models systematically.


I also coded for
  • pyunicorn: Unified Complex Network and Recurrence analysis toolbox
pyunicorn is a high performance, object oriented package for analyzing general (spatially embedded) networks, climate networks, recurrence plots and recurrence networks.



I'm grateful for a PhD Scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation

In the past I was supported by

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