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Dr. Ilona M. Otto

(in 2011 I changed my name from Ilona Banaszak to Ilona M. Otto)

Research Domain II
Climate Impacts & Vulnerabilities

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegrafenberg A51/0.34
14412 Potsdam

Phone.: +49-(0)331-288-2667

Email: ilona.otto(at)


I specialize in institutional and political economy. I investigate coordination mechanisms for provision of public and common goods such as biodiversity and water. Currently I am working in the Project on Sustainable Water and Agricultural Land Use in the Guanting Watershed under Limited Water Resources ( My research in the Project focuses on governance of water resources, socio-economic impacts of water scarcity, and evaluation of possible adaptation options that could lead to a more sustainable water use in the Guanting Watershed.


Teaching: Climate and Energy Management and Advanced Empirical Methodology for Socio-Ecological Systems Analysis

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