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Msc. Ankit Agarwal

Msc. Ankit Agarwal
PhD student
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Telegraphenberg A56 / 3.47
Email: agarwal[at]
Postal Address
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


I am a Doctoral student under the framework of graduate school "NatRiskChange"  at the University of Potsdam also associated with Potsdam Institute for climate impact research.
The domain of my Doctoral research is focused on "Complex Network Analysis based on event synchronization of natural hazards".
I am having my specialization in Hydrology and Meteorology.  My 
master's thesis titled "Hydrologic regionalization using wavelet-based multi-scale entropy technique" proposes a multiscale wavelet entropy based technique which is used in this study to generate entropy signature for all the streamflow station capturing the variability of streamflow dynamics at each station independently and then allows the formation of homogeneous cluster. The technique so called Mutliscale Wavelet entropy can be used to classify input variables for models formation and have various other application as well.
A further extension of the technique may be executed for "Analysis of complex system using wavelet methods and network theory".

Full CV:
PDF document ankit cv.pdf — PDF document, 356 KB
Research Interests

I have my research expertise in the field of Hydrology and Meteorology and as a consequence of this, my research focused on Stochastic hydrology, wavelet analysis and ensemble modelling, climate variability studies and some of its extension parts as Regionalization technique,  Disaggregation approach, hydrologic classification and related subjects.

Right now, as a framework for my doctoral study, I am more focused on Network theory, event synchronization, network study, etc. so it may add a flavor of atmospheric science,  physicist, etc. to my research expertise.

Selected Publications

Agarwal, A., Maheswaran, R., Kurths, J., Khosa, R., (2016). Wavelet Spectrum and Self-Organizing maps-based approach for hydrologic regionalization -a case study in the Western United States. Water Resource Managment, Springer, 1573-1650. 

Agarwal, A., Maheswaran, R., Sehgal, V., Khosa, R., Sivakumar, B., & Bernhofer, C. (2016). Hydrologic regionalization using wavelet-based multiscale entropy method. Journal of Hydrology538, 22-32.

Agarwal, A., Maheswaran, R., Khosa, R. (2015). Hydrologic regionalization using wavelet-based multiscale entropy method. conference article/ AGU 2015/



  • Complex Network analysis based on event synchronization of Natural hazard

  • Hydrologic regionalization using wavelet-based multiscale entropy technique 

  • Wavelet spectrum and self-organizing maps-based approach for hydrologic regionalization -A case study in the western United States


DAAD Scholarship Award for being department topper in IIT-Delhi to complete research work in Technical University-Dresden (Germany).

SUTD Graduate award fellowship

"NatRiskChange" Graduate school fellowship funded by DFG

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