Summary Report No. 123


Spatial-temporal changes of meteorological parameters in selected circulation patterns
P. C. Werner, F.-W. Gerstengarbe (November 2011)


The study presents temporal and spatial changes of characteristics of different meteorological parameters within several circulation patterns. The frequently used Großwetterlagen by Hess/Brezowsky and daily values of 11 meteorological parameters of 270 climate stations and 2072 precipitation stations for the period 1951–2006 are the data basis. It is obvious that several parameters show a trend within the Großwetterlagen and that these changes are not spatially uniform over time. The strength and direction of tendencies depend on the meteorological parameter, the Großwetterlage and the season. Amongst other things, we could show that a distinct positive temperature trend can be verified for the Großwetterlagen WZ in winter and for HM and BM in summer. The more or less differentiated results of the other parameters examined will be discussed. These results have to be taken into consideration if statistical downscaling methods are used.


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