Summary Report No. 119


Katalog der Großwetterlagen Europas (1881-2009) nach Paul Hess und Helmut Brezowsky
7., verbesserte und ergänzte Auflage
P. C. Werner, F.-W. Gerstengarbe (Oktober 2010)

After introductory remarks on the fundamental problems of circulation patterns (ZF) and the classification of the „Großwetterlagen“ (GWL) as well as their compilation to a few mean types of circulation (GWT) the individual patterns of the „Großwetterlagen“ are described in detail. A complete overview concerning the statistical investigations of the temporal and spatial structure of the „Großwetterlagen“ are presented. The climatological attributes of each „Großwetterlage“ are elaborated using the parameters air temperature and precipitation. A table containing the daily „Großwetterlage“ for the period 1881 to 2009 is given in the annex.


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