Summary Report No. 83


Studie zur klimatischen Entwicklung im Land Brandenburg bis 2055 und deren Auswirkungen auf den Wasserhaushalt, die Forst- und Landwirtschaft sowie die Ableitung erster Perspektiven

F.-W. Gerstengarbe, F. Badeck, F. Hattermann, V. Krysanova, W. Lahmer, P. Lasch, M. Stock, F. Suckow, F. Wechsung, P. C. Werner (June 2003)

The results of the second Brandenburg Study continue the approach set by the pilot study which appeared six years ago, using considerably improved methodology. The focus here is on regional climate developments and how these will affect the water budget, forestry and agriculture. In a subsequent review of the results with a view to future decision-making, necessary measures and possible options, we strive to unite scientific horizons with user perspectives.


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