Summary Report No. 76


Zur Klimatologie der Station Jena

B. Orlowsky (September 2002)

Long-term climate registrations are of great importance for climate modelling and prediction. The time series from Jena, where first wheater observations were made in 1770, are therefore of special interest. For this work, the data from Jena covering the years from 1824 to 2000 have been completed and organized in a uniform format as far as possible. For further processing, the years 1879 to 2000 were chosen. Their homogenity was tested, occuring inhomogenities were correlated to the history of the station if possible. Finally, evolution of climate parameters in Jena was plotted and described, which in some cases turned out to be interesting. For example the annual mean of the daily minimum temperatures increased by 2.28 °C during these years, while the annual means of the daily amplitudes of temperature decreased by 1.49 K. These trends are observed in general within the process of global warming.


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