Summary Report No. 75


Angewandte Statistik - PIK-Weiterbildungsseminar 2000/2001

F.-W. Gerstengarbe (ed.) (March 2002)

Training courses are sporadically given at PIK to enable all scientists to become acquainted with present problems from other scientific disciplines and approaches on how to solve them. A training course on mathematical statistics was given in the winter term 2000-2001 within this framework. The lectures focussed on the statistical analysis of time series. They dealt with general problems on how to apply statistical methods, data analysis, methods of statistical analysis, persistence, the robustness of statistical methods, the use of multivariate methods, and the verification of model results. In addition, an overview of the uncertainties of climate change scenarios was given in a special lecture.

Except for the lecture on 'data analysis' and the 'use of multivariate methods' (the latter has already been published in: v. Storch, H., Zwiers, F.W. (1999): "Statistical Analysis in Climate Research", Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0 521 45071 3, 494 pages), the present PIK report includes all lectures of this training course.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all lecturers here, especially for providing their manuscripts.


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Gerstengarbe, F.-W.: Probleme in der Anwendung Statistischer Verfahren

Schönwiese, C.-D.: Statistische Analyse von Zusammenhängen - Methodik, Probleme, und einige Beispiele aus dem Bereich der Klimatologie

Werner, P. C.: Zur Berücksichtigung der Persistenz in meteorologischen Zeitreihen

Taubenheim, J.: Robuste statistische Verfahren zur Auswertung mängelbehafteter Daten

Hense, A.: Validation von Modellen

Gyalistras, D.: How uncertain are regional climate change scenarios? Examples for Europe and the Alps