Summary Report No. 53


Untersuchung der Auswirkungen erhöhter atmosphärischer CO2-Konzentrationen innerhalb des Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment-Experimentes: Ableitung allgemeiner Modellösungen

Th. Kartschall, J. Gräfe, P. Michaelis, K. Waloszczyk, S. Grossman-Clarke
(June 1999)

An improved version of the wheat model demeter including modules for important and commonly usable ecosystem compartments

(i) light interception in homogenous and rowed canopies

(ii) energy and gas exchange including photosynthesis

(iii) water, temperature, carbon and nitrogen dynamics in mineral soils

was developed.

Due to the generic properties of the detailed model solutions qualitative and quantitative explanations about direct and indirect impacts of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations on Graminaceae (C3-Type) under limited water and nitrogen supply are possible. These solutions have been tested under a wide range of geographic (33° bis 52° N), soil und climatic conditions. The model was validated on a wide spectrum of temporal (time steps ranging from one minute up to one day, simulation periods ranging from several hours to several years) and spatial scales (Submodel photosynthesis on leaf level, the entire model on canopy level, regional yield studies for the entire State of Brandenburg).


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