Summary Report No. 49


Struktur, Aufbau und statistische Programmbibliothek der meteorologischen Datenbank am Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung

H. Österle, J. Glauer, M. Denhard (January 1999)

The relational database management system (ORACLE) using different client interfaces (browser, SQL, precompiler) is the most important basis for data organization and storage. The creation of a data bank system at PIK includes: Acquisition of meteorological data series for the projects executed at PIK; Development of a database structure on the basis of daily values; Control, analysis and classification of data into given storage formats; Development and application of statistical software. There are currently 20 different types of data sets with daily, monthly and annual data which are functionally interconnected and updated. All data sets are continuously updated.