Summary Report No. 48


The Odra/Oder Flood in Summer 1997: Proceedings of the European Expert Meeting in Potsdam, 18 May 1998

A. Bronstert, A. Ghazi, J. Hladny, Z. Kundzewicz, L. Menzel (eds.) (September 1998)

In Summer 1997 an extreme flood event struck the Odra/Oder river basin. The riparian states, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany, were seriously affected by the flood, in Poland and the Czech Republic to a catastrophic extent.

On 18 May 1998 an expert meeting was organised in order to bring together scientists and policy-makers from the three affected countries and additional experts from various EU member states. The meeting was jointly organised by the European Commission, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the Polish Academy of Science, and the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. It was also the fifth within a series of European expert meetings and workshops on river basin modelling and flood mitigation initiated by the RIBAMOD Concerted Action of the European Commission.

This volume contains the contributions of the meeting covering most of the relevant scientific areas of this catastrophic flood. It contains 16 papers spread over 4 topics: Overview, Hydro-Meteorological Conditions, Hydrologic and Hydraulic Situation, and Management and Policy Issues.

Bronstert, A., Kundzewicz, Z., Menzel, L.: The extreme flood in the Odra/Oder river basin in summer 1997: Summary and conclusions from a European expert meeting

Kundzewicz, Z.: Floods in perspective - Setting the Stage

Szamalek, K.: Oder flood ’97 - lessons learnt in Poland

Grünewald, U.: Causes, development and consequences of the Oder flood 1997

Mares, K., Maresova, I.: Overview of the Odra flood from a Czech perspective

Malitz, G.: Hydrometeorological aspects of the Oder flood 1997

Kowalczak, P.: Flood 1997 - hydrological and meteorological context

Salek, M.: Meteorological Causes of the Floods in July 1997 in the Czech Republic

Peschke, G.: Hydrological processes of storm runoff generation

Hladny, J., Dolezal, F., Ricicova, P., Blazkova, S., Beven, K.: Hydrological aspects and implications of July 1997 flood in the Odra Basin in the Czech Republic

Kowalczak, P.: Flood 1997 - infrastructure and urban context

Engel, H., Oppermann, R.: Comparison of floods in the river Rhine and the Oder flood 1997

Plate, E.: Flood risk management - a strategy to cope with floods

Nawalany, M.: Creation and resolution of conflicts in flood situations along the boundary rivers

Kron, W.: Insurance aspects of river floods

Samuels, P.: An overview of the activities of RIBAMOD