Summary Report No. 37


Untersuchung der Auswirkungen erhöhter atmosphärischer CO2-Konzentrationen auf Weizenbestände des Free-Air Carbondioxid Enrichment (FACE) - Experimentes Maricopa (USA)

T. Kartschall, S. Grossman, P. Michaelis, F. Wechsung, J. Gräfe, K. Waloszczyk, G. Wechsung, E. Blum, M. Blum (February 1998)

A version of the demeter model was developed which describes both the quantitative and qualitative effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on a wheat crop under conditions of limited water and/or nitrogen supply. In the model’s photosynthesis and energy balance modules, first versions of components were developed which it should be possible to apply in further ecosystem models (starting with the cereals models of the demeter family). Experimental data from the Maricopa FACE wheat experiments 1992-1996, in which scientists from PIK were involved, were used for the development and testing of the model.

Model solutions obtained were applied for the first time for central European climatic and site conditions as part of a regional yield study for the Federal State of Brandenburg.


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