Summary Report No. 36


Geocybernetics: Controlling a rather complex dynamical system under uncertainty

H.-J. Schellnhuber, J. Kropp (February 1998)

Global Change, i.e. the mega-process radically transforming the relationship between nature and human civilization since the end of World War II, is investigated from the point of view of systems analysis. It is argued that this unbridled process should rather be domesticated by planetary control strategies transpiring from a new science called "geocybernetics''. The formal aspects of geocybernetic theory are sketched and illustrated in a tutorial theatre world reflecting the overall environment & development problématique. Within this setting a straightforward operationalization of the sweeping "Sustainable Development'' ideal through a set of concise paradigms can be achieved. Evidence is provided that geocybernetics is actually feasible on the basis of Earth System Modelling and fuzzy-control techniques.