Summary Report No. 27


Integrated systems analysis at PIK: A brief epistemology

A. Bronstert, V. Brovkin, M. Krol, M. Lüdeke, G. Petschel-Held, Yu. Svirezhev, V. Wenzel (March 1997)

Hitherto, there are neither generally accepted paradigms nor predefined methodologies for investigating Global Change. Each PIK-project be focussed on sectoral, regional or global scale processes has selected or developed its specific approaches and methods for integration.

After a discussion of common problems and their possible solutions this paper briefly describes this specific approaches in four typical cases:


• BBM/GAIA: Dynamic model of the globe’s biosphere encompassing human society as its natural component


• RAGTIME: Evaluation of regional impacts of Global Change for the Elbe river basin


• QUESTIONS: Qualitative description of the Global Change complex for identification and evaluation of management options


• WAVES: Strategies for diminishing climate change vulnerability in NE Brasil by models integrating water availability, human and ecosystems.

The present equipment of a PIK-available model toolbox is given as an appendix.


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