Summary Report No. 21


International relations and global climate change

D. Sprinz, U. Luterbacher (1st ed. July, 2n ed. December 1996)

Many countries have responded to the challenge of global climate change by signing the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC). This report synthesizes the knowledge of International Relations scholars by way of integrating a variety of conceptual, theoretical, and methodological approaches to the FCCC, and it provides a concise introduction to the issues for government experts, academics, and the broader nonspecialist audience.

Besides a historical review of the global climate change regime and its legal structure, a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives analyze the progress achieved so far. In addition, particular attention is placed on the linkage between domestic and international policies to regulate global climate change, the role of non-governmental and intergovernmental actors, the challenge of equity issues, and the efforts to implement the FCCC.


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