Activity 3


FAVAIA Activity 3: Policy

Recent research and policy statements create the impression that a consensus has emerged that mainstreaming adaptation into development is the most desirable way of reducing vulnerability to climate change. However, there is concern that scarce funds for adaptation in developing countries could be diverted into more general development activities, which offers little opportunity to evaluate, at least quantitatively, their benefits with respect to climate change. At the same time there is concern that funding for climate policy would divert money from development assistance meant to address challenges that are seen as being more urgent than climate change, including water and food supply, sanitation, education and health care. In response to these concerns, this activity aims to address questions concerning the efficiency and effectiveness of mainstreaming, barriers to and opportunities for mainstreaming, the accountability of industrialised countries with respect to their commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and, ultimately, the practical desirability of mainstreaming adaptation into development.


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