Norwegian Centre for Hydrogen Value Chain Research

HyValue aims to develop knowledge, methodology and innovative solutions for hydrogen energy carriers to build and support a competitive hydrogen energy sector.

HyValue is a large Norwegian Research Project, funded by The Research Council of Norway. PIK will participate as one of a large number of "International Partners". The project aims at supporting the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy in Norway and Europe. Based on their whole-system scenario modelling and techno-economic assessments of hydrogen and industry pathways, PIK will derive the European demands for the above-mentioned commodities and draw conclusions on i) the type of trade between Norway and the rest of Europe and ii) the low-carbon value chains and lead markets of a Norwegian hydrogen economy.

PIK is involved in task 6.10.: Key European import demands and Norwegian export opportunities: low-carbon hydrogen, electricity, basic materials (e.g., aluminum or ammonia) and CO2 storage services.


Jul 01, 2022 until Jun 30, 2027

Funding Agency

The Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Funding Call

Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) in Hydrogen


Gunnar Luderer, Falko Ueckerdt

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