Climate pOlicy assessment and Mitigation Modeling to Integrate national and global TransiTion pathways for Environmental-friendly Development

Climate governance requires the ability to plan and implement national plans, policies and measures consistent with global goals including those of the Paris Agreement. There are no pathways to reaching globally agreed climate targets without major-emitting emerging Asian economies (as well as other G20 economies) taking significant steps towards climate neutrality. With this in mind, the project intends to reinforce global climate change mitigation effort by supporting developing countries’ experts work on national and sectoral GHG emissions modelling, strengthen capacity building for GHG emissions modelling and exchange of best practices and know-how between leading EU and Asian modellers, working closely with government. This action builds on past and existing international cooperation and will seek to engage the most influential Asian/EU experts on models and modelling tools to increase domestic capacities on low-emission development scenarios modelling.


Jan 01, 2023 until Jun 30, 2026

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Elmar Kriegler