PSI connect

Policy Science Interactions: connecting science and policy through innovative knowledge brokering

European policy makers and researchers recognise the large policy potential of research in the field of sustainable development, but the potential is not fully used. PSI-connect want to contribute to bridging the gap between science and policy in the field of the impacts of climate change on water management. The decoupling challenge from the EU Sustainable Development Strategy implies that impacts of climate change on the river basin system should be diminished. This is a policy issue of contemporary urgency and it is a topic where large quantities of high quality knowledge (‘untapped potential’) are available. The consortium partners are all involved in different EU-projects with high relevance and have excellent contacts with relevant national research programs and easy access to national and regional policy makers. PSI-connect will experiment with and develop innovative knowledge brokering instruments in the field of impacts of climate change impacts on river systems.


May 01, 2009 until Apr 30, 2012

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EU - European Union

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Valentina Krysanova