historischer_lageplan.jpgThe Long-Term Meteorological Station is situated in the south-western part of Potsdam, about 600 metres beyond the built-up area. The terrain here rises from the Havel-Nuthe valley to a chain of hills constituting the arc of a terminal moraine formed during the last ice age. The meteorological station's co-ordinates are 52° 23' N  and 13° 04' E and it is situated at an altitude of 81 m above sea level on the Telegrafenberg, on the fringe of an extensive area of woodland. The immediate vicinity of the observation site is flat and it is surrounded by trees of 15 - 20 m in height at a distance of 50 - 100 m. The observation site is 1200 m² in size and is located next to the former Meteorological Observatory. The radiation and wind measurements are carried out on the tower of this building, as also are the visual observations, due to the clear all-round view.

Historic floor plan