Do you have a minute...?

From broken food systems to economic modeling and grassland fires: Climate impact research explained easy and to the point.

Annika Günther - do you have a minute?

Annika implemented a tool to quantify the Nationally Determined Contributions, NDCs - what does that mean?

Amsalu Woldie Yalew - do you have a minute?

Amsalu's focus is on environment and development economics, as well as economic modeling for developing countries and regions.

Marie Brunel - do you have a minute?

PHD Student Marie gives a little insight into her research focus: the role of grassland fire on Brasilian land use change.

Prajal Pradhan - Do you have a minute?

Prajal's research focuses on food systems and the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG's. According to him, the current food systems are broken - what does this mean?

Efi Rousi - do you have a minute?

Efi's focus is on atmospheric science and climate extremes that affect millions of people around the world.