Webinar: Tipping points for sustainability transitions

03/26/2021 - From the Brazilian rain forest to the Australian bushes and to the Antarctic glaciers, ecosystems are being destabilised by climate change and are at risk of reaching irreversible tipping points. Which way will things tip? How to manage tipping points as opportunities? Join our Climate Crisis webinar on March 30, leading to the Nobel Prize Summit 2021! With discussions by PIK Director Emeritus Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Tim Lenton (University of Exeter), Cameron Hepburn (University of Oxford), Marta Deldgado Peralta (Mexican Foreign Ministry); moderated by Oliver Morton (The Economist).
Webinar: Tipping points for sustainability transitions

The webinar, related to the first-ever Nobel Prize Summit, will look at the science behind bio-physical and socio-economic tipping points and how to anticipate, create and manage them as opportunities for sustainability transitions.Individuals from academia and politics will address how tipping points can contribute and lead to sustainable change. Thus, how tipping points can become a stabilizing factor in averting climate change. The following will be discussed:

  • Upward positive tipping cascades / contagious processes
  • Socio-economic/political tipping, e.g. carbon pricing, divestment, technological breakthroughs, economies of scale, changing values and norms
  • The role of social media
  • Windows of opportunity / crises
  • Preparing for and navigate change and new states

Time: 30 March, 6-8pm CET, 12-2 pm EDT

Participate in the webinar on Zoom: https://bit.ly/3cice3D

This webinar is part of the Nobel Prize Summit ’Our Planet, Our Future’, a global online event taking place 26-28 April, 2021.

Link to Webinar on 30 March, 6-8 PM CET / 12-2 pm EDT:


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