The Sustainability Dialogues Podcast

05/06/2020 - What happens when a professional snowboarder and a distinguished climate scientist take off to the mountains together? The results are now public – a podcast with five episodes, covering topics from ice and glaciers to what to eat to save the world.
The Sustainability Dialogues Podcast
Johan Rockström and Xavier de le Rue in the mountains. Photo: Melody Sky

Xavier de le Rue is a multiple World Boardercross and Freeride World Tour Champion who says of himself he always felt too guilty to discuss the climate crisis until he met Johan Rockström, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research (PIK) and internationally recognized scientist on global sustainability issues. They met an event in Verbier, Switzerland, went to the mountains together to ski and snowboard and ended up discussing the climate crisis at length. The result is a podcast with five episodes, each addressing a different topic.

In the Sustainability Dialogues Podcast they talk about ice and glaciers, extreme weather patterns, renewable energy, sustainable means of transportation, food as well as some of the actionable steps to be taken to make a difference. Xavier de le Rue stresses that Johan Rockström is all about solutions and says that “no one has inspired me to make a change more than Johan, but not only that, to feel capable of actually making a difference on a global scale with my actions.”

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