The Global Calculator: new tool for climate information launched

02/06/2015 - Informing businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations about options for cutting CO2 emissions and the trade-offs for energy and land is the ambition of a new web platform called the Global Calculator. An international team led by the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change and co-funded by the European Union’s Climate-KIC launched the tool last week. Scientists that contributed to the community effort came from institutions such as the London School of Economics, the International Energy Agency, the Chinese Energy Research Institute, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), and its spinoff Climate Media Factory (CMF).
The Global Calculator: new tool for climate information launched
The Global Calculator online tool (cutout). Photo: PIK

“The Global Calculator is the first tool which allows easily to grasp the nexus between human action and behavior, for instance between certain life styles, food production, or construction of buildings, and emission profiles and the subsequent global warming,” said Jürgen Kropp, leader of the PIK contribution to the Global Calculator and co-founder of the Climate Media Factory. “Admittedly, it’s no plug-and-play instrument, but this is because the platform is built upon the fundament of scientific insight, which by definition is not always easy. Still, decision-makers on all levels of society can make use of it to understand the consequences of their own action directly.” The tool will soon be available not only in English, but also in Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Bahasa Indonesia.


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