Science podcast launched: "Sustain Ability. The Potsdam Dialogues"

05/18/2021 - Science for your ears: The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) has launched its very own podcast. The dialogue series ‘Sustain Ability. The Potsdam Dialogues - Science for a Safe Tomorrow’ brings together leading thinkers and doers to discuss how to stabilize our climate and advance the transition to sustainability. The first episode features EU Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans and PIK Director Johan Rockström.
Science podcast launched: "Sustain Ability. The Potsdam Dialogues"

The first edition of the podcast looks at the future of farming: can the new EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) meet the climate challenge? Earth system scientist Johan Rockström discusses challenges of the current CAP reform and its ability to live up to the objectives of the Green Deal with two guests who work at the very frontiers of European agriculture policy: besides Frans Timmermans it is Alan Matthews, Professor Emeritus of European Agricultural Policy at Trinity College. Topics discussed include possibilities to reduce emissions like Methane from livestock and Nitrogen from fertilizers, farmers’ concerns, and options of a reformed CAP to encourage a more resilient and sustainable way of farming.

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