Science in the Berlin Underground

09/11/2018 - Where can you get in touch with scientists? One possibility was "Mind the Lab - Science in the Berlin Underground", where various research institutes took part with kind support of the BVG. The aim of this event, which was part of the Berlin Science Week, was to bring as many people as possible closer to concrete science, and for that there were information stands with experts at various Berlin underground stations. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research presented itself at the Möckernbrücke subway station and, among other things, provided information on methods for obtaining data for the climate models of the future from climate archives such as stalactites.
Science in the Berlin Underground
Cave research in the Berlin underground (Photo: PIK)

Vsitors had the opportunity to learn something about the development of the climate of the last millennia, to learn about the analysis of stalactites, to travel through the millennia virtually and to take part in virtual cave expeditions. Experts were available to answer questions and to inform about methods and findings of climate science beyond cave research. The feedback was very positive, and many visitors were convinced of the necessity of climate protection.

Link to Mind the Lab:

Link to the research project Quest, which deals with climate reconstruction in caves: