PIK experts appointed to Berlin's "Klimaschutzrat"

05/13/22 - Two PIK researchers, Cornelia Auer and Julia Epp, have been appointed to the "Klimaschutzrat" of the city of Berlin. The 18-member body with experts from science, business and representatives of civil society will advise the Berlin Senate and the House of Representatives on issues of climate mitigation and energy policy.
PIK experts appointed to Berlin's "Klimaschutzrat"
Photo: Ralf Rühmeier

The council was established to monitor Berlin's climate mitigation targets, to work on strategies and measures in the field of climate mitigation and climate adaptation, and develop its own proposals. The council is chaired by the Senator for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate mitigation, Bettina Jarasch. The council will work in the fields of heat and mobility transition, socially compatible energy-efficient building renovation and climate adaptation. 

PIK researcher Cornelia Auer conducts research on transformation scenarios for climate neutrality. For climate change impacts she is working on compound events and a respective network co-incidence model covering cascading impacts of climate change for risk assessment within the CASCADES project. In the council, she will be involved in the new Climate Citizens Council. Julia Epp works in projects on citizen energy, energy conflicts, hydrogen and social justice at the Potsdam Institute. She is involved in the Energy Dialogues project that will support the objectives of the European Energy Union with operational research on the overreaching topic of “Energy Citizenship”. In the new council, Epp will focus on transforming the heat supply of the city of Berlin.


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