Dr. Cornelia Auer


Cornelia Auer received her PhD in data analysis and scientific visualization at FU Berlin, Germany. She is working as senior researcher on the communication and visualization of climate change scenarios with a focus on socio-economic/ mitigation scenarios from the IAM community. She (co-)leads the scientific communication and visualization the several projects (see visualization below).
She has also successfully led co-production efforts with stakeholders from policy, NGOs and finance and developed a co-production manual for such efforts.

Her research interests cover the two areas of mitigation scenarios but also impact projections.
For climate change impacts she is working on compound events and a respective network co-incidence model covering cascading impacts of climate change for risk assessment within the CASCADES project.
With respect to mitigation scenarios she is investigating the relation between discounting and negative emissions, risk assessment for financial actors, oil futures in IAMs.

She is member of the advisory board for the Finscapes project.


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
T +49 (0)331 288 20787
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam

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Senses Project - SENSES Toolkit
Ariadne Project
Cascades Project

NGFS Scenarios (Jan. 2020 - ) with IIASA, Uni. of Maryland, Climate Analytics and ETH Zürich
Finscapes Project

Cornelia Auer (co-)leads the scientific communication and visualization the following projects

The SENSES project - developing a climate change scenario service to provide access to a broader community of key decision makers to climate change scenarios. Scenarios cover the spectrum from global to regional and also include climate change (CMIP) - and impact- projections (ISIMIP). The SENSES project is also coordinated by her.

Kopernikus ARIADNE project about the German way to climate neutrality - supporting a common learning across the consortium, policy makers, businesses and the general public. The communication is not only a pillar in supporting the parties to be able to speak with one voice about options, consequences, and gaps in transition pathways, but also to provide external users a novel access to scenario data.

The NGFS portal - a follow up project from the SENSES project. Making scenario based risk assessment accessible to users from the financial sector, e.g. a global network of central banks (NGFS). Launch end of May.