PIK researcher appointed new member of the Junge Akademie

06/11/2015 - "Outstanding and dedicated" - Ricarda Winkelmann of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research is a new member of the Young Academy (Junge Akademie) of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the German National Academy of Sciences. The Junge Akademie is the most important interdisciplinary network for German-speaking young scientists. Members of the Junge Akademie are elected for the duration of five years. To be eligible for membership, candidates should have completed their PhD within three to seven years prior to their application. Moreover, they should have published one further outstanding piece of work.
PIK researcher appointed new member of the Junge Akademie
Ten new members of the Junge Akademie (4th f.r. Ricarda Winkelmann). Photo: Junge Akademie

Ice researcher Ricarda Winkelmann is a mathematician and physicist by training. After finishing her doctorate with distinction at PIK she continued to work at the institute; among other activities she has since worked on the chapter on sea-level rise of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) and conducted research at the renowned Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, USA, over several months. In 2014 Winkelmann was appointed junior professor at Potsdam University, with a focus on the analysis of ice dynamics and tipping elements in the Antarctic region.

Overall, ten new members were admitted into the Academy last weekend - distinguished young scientists from different disciplines ranging from biophysics to history of science, and one artist. The Junge Akademie numbers 50 members and has set itself the task of encouraging academic - especially interdisciplinary - discourse among outstanding young academics as well as promoting initiatives at the intersection of academia and society.


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