Ottmar Edenhofer at re:publica in Berlin

06/10/2022 - At the first re:publica in person since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, PIK Director Ottmar Edenhofer was invited to discuss the "society in permanent crisis" and possible solutions with publicist Carolin Emcke.
Ottmar Edenhofer at re:publica in Berlin
Ottmar Edenhofer at this year´s re:publica stage

The discussion, moderated by Geraldine de Bastion, revolved around the simultaneity of crises such as climate change and the never-ending pandemic, but above all the Russian attack on Ukraine and its geopolitical and social consequences. The topics were energy security and the protection of open democracies, and how the socio-ecological transformation can succeed despite all resistance.

re:publica is the largest European conference on digital societies. In addition to presentations, talks and workshops, it offers plenty of opportunities for exchange and networking, with topics ranging from digital policy to #MeToo to sustainability. Experts from science, politics, companies, hacker cultures, NGOs and the media as well as activists and artists attend. This year, the German Chancellor himself, Olaf Scholz, gave a presentation, as well as Nancy Faeser, Volker Wissing and Lisa Paus from the cabinet, but also scientists such as Antje Boetius and Friederike Otto and media celebrities ranging from Claus Kleber to Thilo Jung.


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