Strengthening climate protection "bottom up": Municipal workshop at PIK

27.06.2019 - Mayors and other representatives of municipalities and counties in Germany meet this week in Potsdam to discuss how climate protection can be strengthened "bottom up". Organised by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), the two-day "KliB-up Municipal Workshop" will focus on a climate friendly everyday lifes and the involvement of citizens in active municipal climate protection. Many municipalities and rural districts have been active in this field for years and have set themselves ambitious climate targets, such as the so-called master plan municipalities in Germany. These targets can hardly be achieved without the commitment of private households. How a climate friendly everyday life could look like in practice, more than 100 households in Berlin recently already tested that in the context of the PIK living lab "Klimaneutral leben in Berlin" (KliB). As a result, the participating households were about 33 percent below the German average at the end of the one-year project.
Strengthening climate protection "bottom up": Municipal workshop at PIK

The experiences from the real laboratory can also be helpful for other municipalities and districts. "After successfully completing the project "Klimaneutral Leben in Berlin" at PIK - with 100 households that were able to significantly reduce their CO2 footprint within one year - we would like to use the workshop on Thursday and Friday to discuss with municipalities that are active in climate protection how such real laboratories can be implemented throughout Germany. The aim is to activate citizens for climate protection at home and in the municipality", says KliB project lead Fritz Reusswig.

The city of Potsdam also belongs to Germany's master plan municipalities and aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 95 percent by 2050. "As the state capital of Brandenburg and master plan municipality, Potsdam has set itself very ambitious climate targets, which require the support of its citizens," says Reusswig. "We are very pleased that Potsdam's Lord Mayor Mike Schubert will address the audience at the workshop. We understand this also as indication to all people living in Potsdam, which ask for more commitment for climatic mitigation from the policy in general and their municipality in particular.

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