New report from the Science Panel for the Amazon

09/28/2021 - The Science Panel for the Amazon (SPA) released an Executive Summary of the Amazon Assessment Report this week, a comprehensive scientific assessment of the state of the Amazon Basin. The report includes recommendations for sustainable development pathways for policy makers and governments. Over 200 renowned scientists from the Amazon and global partners, including scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, came together as the Science Panel for the Amazon to develop this report.
New report from the Science Panel for the Amazon
Photo by Antonino Visalli / Unsplash

The SPA process included dialogues with Indigenous Peoples and local communities on the threats they’re facing and offers solutions and sustainable development pathways to prevent further catastrophic events. The report provides a systematic overview on the state of the Amazon’s ecosystems and offers science-based policy making recommendations to conserve the Amazon, while advancing sustainable development pathways for the region. It underscores the importance of science, technology, innovation, and Indigenous Peoples’ and local knowledge to guide decision and policy-making.

“This report makes clear the outstanding role of the Amazon rainforest for mankind and our earth. The collected knowledge not only contradicts those who claim the opposite, but also shows solutions to save the forest from its ongoing destruction,” says PIK´s Boris Sakschewski who was involved as a contributing author.

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